Table of Contents

Approaches to Language Acquisition
  About Theories of Language Acquisition; Acquiring Discourse Skills; Child Directed Speech;
  Further Bibliography
Pragmatic Development
  About directives in general; Children's progress on directives & politenesss; Analyzing
  children's discourse in terms of assymmetrical power relations; Analyzing children's
  discourse in terms of recipient design, Data for analysis - Directives and CDS
  Further Reading
Language Development in the School Years
  Literacy; General Discourse Skills; English as a New Language; Acquisition of Style and
  Register; Selected Press Articles
  Further Bibliography
Richard Cromer: A Profile
Useful Links
About this Site

Useful Links

Beginner's Guide to Phonetics  Useful back-up if you are studying children's acquisition of the sound system of their language.

Child Language: a resource book for students  This companion web site for the book includes many links to child language acquisition data and wider reading in the area

Ages & Stages Developmental milestones for receptive and expressive language acquisition, by speech and language therapist, Dr.Caroline Bowen.

Linguistics World An online archive of press articles related to English language and linguistics. There are several articles on child language in the message archives and links to many more in the links section. It is in 'Yahoo Group' format, but is set so that the message archives and the links section are publicly available.


About this Site

The contents of this site come largely from my handouts and lecture notes for courses which I have taught or currently teach in the English Language and Linguistics Programme at
Roehampton University
.  My more expanded treatment of these topics, although still at 'beginner level' can be found in:

J. Peccei (1999) Child Language 2nd edition (Routledge Language Workbooks series), London: Routledge

J. Peccei (1999) Pragmatics (Routledge Language Workbooks series), London: Routledge

J. Peccei (2004) 'Language & Age' in L. Thomas, S. Wareing , I. Singh, J. Peccei, J.Thornborrow, J. Jones (2004) Language Society and Power 2nd Edition, London: Routledge.

J. Peccei (2006) Child Language: A resource book for students, London: Routledge

Jean Peccei
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